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Brayden Cutlass
Gender male
Fate Deceased
Appearances Monument 14
Mentioned Sky On Fire

Brayden was the best friend of Jake. His father worked for NORAD, giving Brayden the sense of superiority amongst the Monument 14. Brayden could be considered cocky and arrogant. Near the end of Monument 14 Brayden was shot by Robbie. Later, the group decided to head for Denver in hopes to find some kind of sanctuary and medical help for Brayden. Somewhere along the way the bus was hijacked by a group lead by Payton, who stole the bus and kicked the remaining Monument 14 off. Whenever Payton and his group went to the Greenway superstore he informed Jake and Dean that he had killed Brayden before arriving due to his loud moaning and groaning.

[honestly i'm so upset about how brayden was killed off he may of been a jerk character but he was still a character and ugh why emmy why]