Age High School Junior
Gender Male


Dean is 16 and a high school junior. He is the one who tries to keep everything in order. His little brother is Alex. He has a big crush on Astrid. Dean has type O blood which affects him different from the others. Dean writes a lot and keeps a notebook with him that he found in the store. He writes his thoughts on the situations he goes through.


Dean will always have regrets about the things he neglects to do that morning when his mother yells that he is going to miss the bus if he doesn't get going. He doesn’t stop to tell her he loves her or take the time to thank her for being a wonderful mom. Instead, he races for the bus, not knowing it most likely will be the last time he will ever see his mother.

Dean doesn't realize that it will be a very long time before he sees his parents again. Throughout the first and second books, Dean and Astrid become increasingly closer. Dean tries to get the group to Denver International Airport to be escorted out of the wreckage and to safer ground. They get to DIA, leaving a few behind at the supermarket where they will be safe until they can go back to get them. At the airport, Dean and the others run into Mrs. Wooly -- the bus driver that saved their lives. Together, the portion of the group at DIA and Mrs. Wooly find Captain McKinley, the father of kids at the supermarket. He uses a helicopter to fly in and rescue the kids from the supermarket, seconds before they bomb the sky to remove most of the toxins.

During the third book, Dean and Astrid are boyfriend/girlfriend and tell each other that they love one another. They are stationed at a refugee camp in Canada, just above the border. When Niko finds out that his love, Josie, is a prisoner at a 'O' containment camp, he tries whatever he can to get to her. Captain McKinley sneaks Jake, Dean, Astrid, and Niko out of Quilchena Refugee Camp so that they can rescue Josie and save Astrid's baby. Jake is the father, but Astrid wants Dean to be the true father of the baby, and he agrees. (Continue soon.) They all die in the next book!!!

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