Mr. Reed is a character appearing in Monument 14 exclusively in the first chapter, "Tinks".


Day 1Edit

Mr. Reed is driving the high school students to school, when a massive hailstorm starts, severely damaging his bus. In his panic, he slams on the brakes, which results in the bus hurdling through an intersection, over the median, and into the parking lot of the local Greenway. The bus continued to slide on the ice, before flipping over on its side and crashing into a lamppost.

Dean Grieder hears Mr. Reed whimpering from the front of the bus. Mr. Reed was pinned behind the wheel, and "blood was spilling out of his head like milk out of a carton"[1]. He soon dies thereafter, but Dean couldn't stop thinking about the sound he was making.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mr. Reed is the bus driver for Lewis Palmer High. According to Dean, Mr. Reed is "morbidly obese and entirely forgettable"[2]. He is known for drinking his morning coffee out of an old jelly jar.

Not much is known about his personality since he doesn't interact with the students. However, Dean does say that the bus is supposed to arrive at 6:57 a.m., but was almost always late.


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