Niko Mills is one of the Monument 14. When stuck in the Greenway, he is voted leader. In the past, he was a Boy Scout, which means he has excellent survival skills and immense authority. He, Brayden, Sahalia, Alex, Max, Ulysses, and Batiste had all sent out to go to DIA, or the Denver National Airport, where the government was evacuating people. Once everyone is evacuated to a refugee camp in Vancouver, with Josie presumed dead, Niko finds out that she, in fact, is not dead, and in a concentration camp in Missouri. He, Astrid, Dean, and Jake, all start to go save Josie, when Jake, Astrid and Dean leave to go to his uncle's farmhouse, where everyone dreams of someday living safely. Niko then tries to rescue Josie himself, but she is taken to USAMRIID, a place where the government is taking people who have been exposed to the compounds in the air, to do tests on them, that may kill them. Niko saves Josie from being tested on, which would have resulted in her dying, with the help of unknowing, Dean and Astrid, who distracted doctors at the same hospital with Astrid in labor. Later, Niko takes them all to his uncle's farmhouse where soon, the rest of the Monument 14 and some of their families live now.

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