Trish Greenstein is a character appearing in Monument 14 exclusively in the first chapter, "Tinks".


Day 1Edit

Trish is on the high school bus driven by Mr. Reed. Before it crashes in the parking lot of the local Greenway, she was sitting next to Josie Miller and behind Dean Grieder. Josie and her were going over plans for an animal rights demonstration.

Trish is killed immediately after the bus crashes, being pinned between two mangled seats. Josie tries to save her despite this. In the process, Josie is covered in Trish's blood and is nailed in the forehead by a large hailstone.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Not much is known about Trish. Dean describes her as a hippie-activist. Based on her planning for an animal rights demonstration, she appears to care deeply about animals.


Josie MillerEdit

Trish and Josie seemed to be best friends. Aside from planning an animal rights demonstration, the duo helped campaign for Cory Booker in the sixth grade.

The death of Trish had a lasting impact on Josie, who remained in shock the first three days of the novel.

Dean GriederEdit

Dean appears to have been on okay terms with Trish. In sixth grade, he campaigned for Cory Booker alongside Trish and Josie. While he says he had a fun time, Dean also says that they "didn't even say hi to each other [anymore]"[1].


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